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Greetings Dear,


My name is Victor Rapheal I represent a Private Investor who wish 
to invest in your country in any VIABLE Business/Project but her 
problem is how to transfer the fund to your country because she 
does not want her government to know that she is investing 
outside her country. She is also looking for a good investment 
Manager who will manage the business for a period of ten years 
hence she wish to remain a silent Investor within this period. 
She made the money during the time of her father as the country 
President and she deposited the fund cash in a vault  in  
Kenya/South Africa.

Because of the Investor's father's top political affiliation with 
his government coupled with the fact that SHE does not want HIS 
government to know that SHE is investing outside her country, a 
direct fund transfer to your account from her country will not be 
possible and bank to bank transfer will also expose the 
Investor's status which is the more reason SHE chose to be a 
silent Investor.

Your assistance is needed to transfer this fund out the country 
to your investment account. For this role alone you will be 
entitled to 5% of the total fund once transferred to your 
account. Also you will be entitle to 30% of the AROI as the 
Investment Manager for a period of 10 years. The amount involved 
is US$550 million.

NOTE: You will  be required  to meet the Investor in Kenya or 
South Africa to sign the Confidential Working Agreement/CWA in 
person. After the signing of the CWA, your name as a foreigner 
will be used to deposit the fund in the bank for further transfer 
to your home account in tranches for immediate investment on 
agreed VIABLE  projects/business.


If you are ready to proceed, I will send to you the Investor's 
draft CWA for your review. Upon your confirmation of the terms of 
the CWA I will then send to you my Finder's Fee Agreement (FFA) 
which you will sign and return back to me before I will introduce 
you to the Investor to deal directly with her and arrange a 
meeting. My Finder's Fee (commission) is 40% of your 5% earning 
will be paid to me ONLY after you must have received the 
investment fund in your account.

If on the contrary you don't have the capacity for this 
transaction, you may introduce any of your trusted business 
partner and you are sure of huge benefit on this transaction.

I am expecting your respond.

Business consultant
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