[sca-comments] New Peerage Proposal

Else Hunrvogt else.hunrvogt at westkingdom.org
Mon May 24 10:28:45 CDT 2021

"Crowns would be allowed to elevate those members who are acting as peers
in areas not considered by the existing peerages"

While I agree that there are activities not covered by the existing
Peerages, I see a few concerns with this language

1)  It gives the existing Peerages control over who can be added to the new
order.  This a step away from our current practice in which activities are
defined, even if broadly so.

2)  Different Kingdoms differ in what is covered by which order.  What
happens when someone moves from a Kingdom that awards a Laurel for an
activity moves to a Kingdom where that activity is covered by the new order.

3)  Given that this language is already a step away from current practice
and it's unifying feature is that no other order wanted it, wouldn't it be
better to look at allowing the Crowns to grant a Naked POA instead?

Viscountess Else Hunrvogt, OP, OWGS
Nancy Reimers, DVM
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