[sca-comments] Recent social media policy changes

Chadwick Myers chadwyke at gmail.com
Sat May 22 01:09:58 CDT 2021


I personally find your new policy to be vague and grasping for
prosecutorial authorization in arenas the organization may not have ability
to pursue.

I wanted to give you a couple examples of things I have seen on a personal
social media account that was not in a SCA official forum.  Based on the
policy as stated, they are grounds for action because they use personal
name and heraldry that they have registered with the SCA.  I am unaware of
any release of ownership one grants to any heraldry and name a person
submits that they wish to be identified with.  If it it the position of the
SCA that submitted names and heraldry are property of the SCA I may wish to
consider withdrawing my consent for them to be further used as they are
constructs of my own intellect and constitute intellectual property.

 For my examples I present two comments from 2017 that I had screenshot on
July 1 from a SCA member.  This was on a page not in the SCA controlled
groups and used known name and heraldry that can be found in the SCA OP for
the kingdom of residence.  They both clearly are inflammatory and bullying
by the assertion everyone in a political party they do not support should
go to Aushwitz and hoping certain people's children get cancer and they are
uninsured to handle the misfortune.  This is a prime example of someone who
does not support diversity, equity and inclusion in their vision of the
SCA.  I tend to make note of people whose speech is hateful so I can avoid
them at events for my personal peace of mind.

I hope that this gives you something to ponder and wonder if the current
vague verbiage used is the best course of action moving forward.  I also
hope that this missive is confidential as I am sure that knowledge of this
intimation would bring about persons like this individual to persecute me
for coming forward with this question and using this person's own words for
an example.  (They are trying to become a peer)

Thank you for your consideration,

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