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Cassandra Jordan lerlysjordan at gmail.com
Fri May 21 20:58:34 CDT 2021

Hello friends,
I appreciate your lovely social media policy, but I do have one concern. In section H, it seems to me that my own device, or persona name, both of which I created and reserved for myself, would make my entire personal profile page be subject to the rules of the sca. I have no intention of being a jerk face, and I do understand that if someone was being a jerk, and their page was full of SCA references and links, it would certainly reflect poorly on the society. 
 However, while the restrictions on posting on SCA pages makes perfect sense, I feel it’s a bit of an over reach to say that if my profile picture is of myself, wearing garb that I made myself, sporting my own device that I created, and that I put onto my garb with my own hands, that that means my personal Facebook profile is subject to your policy, you know? Even when I have signed a social media contract for employers, it only covers official pages of the company, or posts directly related to the company. 
Imagine a fine upstanding citizen of our society, who behaves quite admirably, and who has a picture of himself on the battle field as his profile picture, and who also volunteers for a political party during election season. I think it would be a stretch to say that you have rights to that profile content, on the basis that you have rights to that photo, due to his personal device appearing on it. You would have him sign a photo release if you used that image of him in your own material, implying you did not have rights to that photo before. Do you see what I’m getting at? I feel this aspect of the policy with require that people either hear their entire social media presence to be exclusively for the SCA, or scrub their SCA involvement of their profiles. It’s not reasonable to require people of all ages to manage multiple profiles just to participate in our online community.
I hope you will consider this point of below and revise section H. Thank you for your attention,
Cassandra Jordan
Shire of the Inner Sea

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