[sca-comments] Policy regarding asking for vaccination status

lisa at lisatheriot.com lisa at lisatheriot.com
Thu May 20 21:59:18 CDT 2021

I would like the Board to reconsider the direction that local groups cannot
ask participants about their vaccination status.  In general, I believe this
needlessly places members' health at risk, but particularly, it will prevent
a number of specific activities from going forward.  Both choral singing and
European partnered dance could be safely resumed involving only vaccinated
people.  We are having to retrofit dances to be done socially distanced.
There is currently no way to make singing in a group with unvaccinated
people safe.  Our local dance group is particularly concerned, as we have a
member with an immune-compromised family member.  We don't want to restrict
dance to someone's private property, where we CAN ask.  We'd like to be as
welcoming as we can safely be.  But current policy prevents that.


I hope you reverse this perilous policy.


Magistra Adelaide de Beaumont, OL, OP

Mka Lisa Theriot

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