[sca-comments] Legal threats based arising from recommendation letters

Weresquirrel weresquirrel.bp at gmail.com
Thu May 20 15:17:00 CDT 2021

You are no doubt receiving other letters regarding Count Dawid Radzowicz of
Caid, who is also known within the Society as David Lennox Hamilton. The
two screen shots accompanying this post are the relevant matter.

Not to repeat ground already covered by other SCAdians, this particular
phrase leaps out:

*"I also suggest that you let your vindictiveness over the fact that Landon
and Bridget declined to give Colette a Lux remain in the past."*

Count Dawid appears to be construing bad faith from the mere fact that Inna
Kanevsky had written a letter of recommendation for an arts award on behalf
of someone who didn't receive that award during a particular reign. He
cites no instance of this alleged "vindictiveness" and I know of no example
of Inna holding any grudge that a recommendation wasn't acted on.

Count Dawid is a real world lawyer and I understand he has actually
prosecuted a defamation lawsuit against someone on a closely related
matter. His actions today can have a chilling effect in several regards,
including Caid award recommendations. Particularly his public post with the
introduction, "The following applies to anyone else."

One way for SCAdians to protect ourselves from civil lawsuits would be to
to stop recommending people for awards. That can't be the intention of the
BoD, but someone whose threats carry real world heft has weaponized the
awards system to that effect.

I don't envy the position this places the BoD in. Please examine this angle
and take remedial action.

Lise Broer
(THL Agnes Wurtman)

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