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Nikki McCorristin nikki.mccorristin at hsc.utah.edu
Wed May 19 16:01:22 CDT 2021

Greetings friends, my esteemed ombudsman Ross Roegner, and established members of The Board,

I am known in the society as Duchess Tianna NiCoimin of Artemisia, though mundanely I am Nikki McCorristin of Salt Lake City, Utah. As you will likely see in my signature line I am a nurse specializing in psychiatric medicine, nursing education, and infection prevention and control. I am responsible for 11 in-patient units and 10 out-patient units as well as several private practice offices in my organization and I come to you absolutely understanding the difficulties you face in making hard decisions for large groups of people during these confusing and changing times.

I would like to share just a few simple concepts that might be considered by you to help alleviate strict attendance guidance currently being used in the SCA. Please understand that I do not envy the decisions you must make and my feelings are not tied to the suggestions below. My heart is with the society whichever path we decide to follow.

Idea 1: Change the blanket expectation of “150 attendees only” to be based on facility type; for example Indoors vs. Outdoors. Outdoor allows for participants to be unmasked if vaccinated, offers ventilation and can often accommodate better distancing. Though, as an organization, we are against asking for vaccination cards we could simply encourage honesty among peers and allow people to make their own decisions.

Idea 2: The size of the facility might also dictate the number of participants. Instead of saying “no more than 150”, simply stating “the site must be able to accommodate safe distancing of 6’ apart for members not engaged in martial combat.” That way if someone has a small church, the number will decrease, but if someone else has a large warehouse, they could increase.  I realize that there is opportunity for people to falsify this information, however, that opportunity is everywhere no matter what the directive. At some point, as an organization, all you can say is that you set your expectations. Anyone falling outside of those expectations are liable for their own risks.

Idea 3: Set Regional guidelines, and consider using a sliding ladder approach that allows for each area/kingdom to determine their own risk levels. An example of this type of allowance can be seen in a guideline I helped author found at https://static.wftda.com/files/covid-19/WFTDA-COVID-Return-To-Play-Plan-v3.pdf
This is a living document that continues to update regularly, and not included are “Pre-baseline” guidelines as well as “Audience Guidelines” and other such communications that can be referenced for additional needs and cares. Groups must submit a request to move up the ladder through their organizations representative (in the SCA this could be the ombudsman) to help with accountability. This guideline was written in a way that can be utilized for any organization, not just roller derby. It has been in-fact used by the NFL, NWHL, and several governments around the world as a guide for their own policies and protocols. Remarkably, our leagues around the world have been very open and vocal about this process and their individual needs and we have been able to return roller derby in full force in New Zealand/Australia, and are at increasing stages of the ladder all over the world as people are proving remarkably honest in their reporting (with obvious outliers). We also created a wellness schedule for athletes to return to contact as many people have fallen out of shape and will require a rigorous exercise plan to get back into competitive shape or risk injury.  Feel free to contact myself or any of the authors of this program with any questions or concerns.

Again please know The Dream is alive and well in me and I respect you as our guides through these troubling waters. I will endeavor to continue to present options for a return to normalcy for our kingdom and the knowne world. Thank you for taking the time to read these few ideas.

In Your Service,

Duchess Tianna NiCoimin, OP

Nikki L. McCorristin, BSN, RN
Clinical Nurse ​Coordinator, Infection Preventionist

Huntsman Mental Health Institute
501 Chipeta Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84108 | 801.587.8990​
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