[sca-comments] Letter Regarding Agrippa's Titles

Gene Truex-Hill geneogeneo at gmail.com
Wed May 19 14:35:09 CDT 2021

To whom it may concern (Board of Directors of the Society for Creative

I am writing regarding the titles which have been retained by Agrippa (aka
Landon Morris), to wit those of Knight and Duke, despite his membership
having been Revoked and Denied.  I would have written about this
previously, but I didn’t realize that the titles were not stripped from him

I have lived and played in Caid for nearly 25 years; I was vigilant when he
won crown the first time, and was active during the entire period.  I can
attest that while some of his lesser offenses, including making racist
jokes and sending unsolicited dick pics, were known, he made promises to
mend his ways that he did not follow through on.  Further, Agrippa made
protestations that he was not committing other, more serious offenses
(allegations that were unable to be pursued further at the time because his
accusers only made their existence aware to one or a small number of
knights and did not want any details of the allegations to be revealed lest
they be identifying to them). Because of this, I personally attest that he
was given the benefit of the doubt in multiple instances in ways that it
has come to light that he did not deserve, and therefore these titles of
Knight and Duke were obtained fraudulently.

I am Sir Halldorr Thorhalsson (member #107469, legal names Gene R Truex &
Gene R Truex-Hill), and I would be glad to communicate further regarding my
dealings with Agrippa.

Thank you for your time in reading and considering this request.


Halldorr Thorhalsson, KSCA
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