[sca-comments] Regarding Landon M. Morris

Culann mac Cianain syr.culann at gmail.com
Wed May 19 10:07:25 CDT 2021

Unto the Board of Directors of the SCA,

I am man who prefers my deeds to speak for me. With that in mind, I come to
you today as a Knight, Royal Peer, and the father of 3 daughters to ask
that, in light of your recent actions, that you remove Landon M. Morris
(known in the SCA as Agrippa Morris) from the Order of Chivalry for his
unchivalrous and unpeerlike behavior. His actions are a stain on the ideals
of the SCA. He is the worst example of what an SCA knight might become. Thank
you for taking the time to hear my words and for your hard work.

In Sevice to the Dream,

Viscount Culann mac Cianain, KSCA
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