[sca-comments] Decision Not to Share the R&D List with the Populace

Briana MacCabe briana.maccabe at gmail.com
Tue May 18 12:53:49 CDT 2021

Greetings to the Board of Directors of the SCA,

I am writing to you today to comment on the recent decision not to share a
list of all those that have been R&D'd from the SCA.

I strongly disagree with this decision for several reasons:

1) This information is otherwise publicly available in the minutes of the
BoD meetings so this is pre-existing info. By not having a list compiled by
the BoD/SCA powers that be, you are guaranteeing that others will compile
this list for you and you will not be able to guarantee the validity of
those lists.
2) The SCA has a continued problem with obfuscating important information
like this. It is not a good look for our organization.
3) Most importantly, obfuscating this information makes all of us less safe
and sends a very bad message to alleged victims of the bad actors in our
organization. Folks aren't just R&D'd on a whim and all participants have
the right to know if they are going to be putting themselves in danger by
interacting with R&D'd individuals. I realize that they should no longer
darken our doorsteps but not everyone knows everyone else in the SCA and
things happen.

I appreciate that this is a tricky legal spot for the SCA when R&D'd
individuals have not been convicted and/or even tried in a mundane court of
law. However, as stated above, this information IS publicly available in
the minutes and I do not see where a simple list of SCA/mundane names with
no mention of the R&D reasons would be legally actionable. We are a club
with membership rules and have the right to deny membership for a reason.
We should be able to keep our members informed AND safe.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Baroness Briana MacCabe
Barony of Altavia
Kingdom of Caid
mka Alana Beltzer
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