[sca-comments] New peerage proposal.

Michael Cramer valgards at aol.com
Mon May 17 15:49:47 CDT 2021

Having reigned as king, and sat in on both chivalry and on Laurel councils
where fights nearly broke out over whether or not falconers should be permitted in the Laurel, whether or not an artistic director was a Laurel or a pelican, whether or not rapier, archery, and equestrian belong in the chivalry, I am deeply sympathetic to this issue. 

My general opinion is that we have too many orders of peerage already. Most kingdoms also also have too many words, but that’s another matter. 

We should have one order of peerage, and that should be the order of the laurels. As a knight, I don’t actually think knights should be peers. To quote Mistress Theresea von Tux, “No such animal ever existed.“ At the first 12th night, when we invented our form of peers, we created knights of the Laurel for fighters, masters of the Laurel for non-fighters, and masters of arms of the Laurel (just as the first two laurels were titled Master or Artificer and master musician) for fighters he didn’t want to swear fealty. The big mistake we made in this regard was in inventing the order of the pelican. Oh, and their title should actually be lord or lady, which in the real world is a higher title than knight anyway. I object to this merit badge peerage System that we have. Peerage should be like Eagle Scout, to carry the analogy further, one order that encompasses the most excellent in all of us. I beg you to show some leadership and courage, and reform our peerage in a truly truly meaningful way.

As it is, the current proposal, while it only perpetuates what I see is the biggest problem, and won’t really solve as many issues as people seem to think it will, as we will still be arguing these things after a new order is created, nonetheless I think it does solve one big problem: there should be no activity in the SCA which can not lead to a peerage. Equestrian, siege, combat archery, all deserve some Avenue into the peers. And this accomplishes that goal, so I support it with reservations as outlined above.


Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver

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