[sca-comments] Comments to peerage proposal

Per Berg per.berg at yahoo.se
Sat May 15 08:06:31 CDT 2021


I think I understand the thinking behind this proposal, but in my mind 
this feels too much like a second hand peerage. It's like a consolation 

I am an archer myself and have been following the discussion for a 
peerage for archery and other activities and are in favor of that, but 
not in this way. If I were to be offered such a peerage that is proposed 
I think I would say no.

In my mind we can't just add more peerages, we need to rethink the whole 
system. As I see it most activities could fit into the three original 
peerages with a little bit of adjustment, sure some new titles and 
symbols needs to be created for variants within each peerage but that 
would in my mind be a better way forward then the current proposal.

Best regards
Pedher Mikaelson

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