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CAROL LEWIS xqizit at me.com
Tue May 11 12:06:39 CDT 2021

I have played in the SCA since 2009, a paid member since 2010. My main interests lay in the areas of the *Gentle Arts & Sciences*. 

The Order of the Laurel already exists to grant peerage to non-combat SCAdians.  A Laurel, as I understand it, may arise from every conceivable avenue, including those related to armourage. The Order of the Laurel is supposed to be the peerage non-combat SCAdians aspire to. 

I am going to put forward the idea that a New Peerage will potentially make becoming a Laurel even more inaccessible than it already is. 

Perhaps the path of Induction into The Order of the Laurel should be reworked to make it less insurmountable a journey. Removing the requirement to be *mentored and sponsored* by a Laurel, which so many of us have NO access to, and opening the pathway of ascent to the Order of the Laurel through assessment of an individuals independent work in the field they are passionate about — garb, research, brewing, etc. — might be a direction to go in, rather than creating an entire New Order which the Order of the Laurel already has the capacity to be. 

Instead of a candidate being required to be mentored and sponsored by a Laurel for consideration, a Royal Review by King & Queen, of the portfolio of a defined number of pieces of independent work by candidates, could be a gateway for inspired individuals to follow, and achieve peerage in The Order of the Laurel. 

This is just my weigh-in on the subject. 

Carol Lewis
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