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Tue May 11 10:38:37 CDT 2021

Greetings!In regards to creating a new omnibus peerage my answer is yes.
In my head would love to go back in time and make each of the peerages a separate order of knighthood, but I fully realize that would be a horrible can of worms now.
My reasons for creating the new peerage are these.   It would recognize the individuals who have excelled in their own martial fields outside of the previous four; specifically in the fields of equestrian, archery and thrown weapons.  But this would also encompass those individuals who have taken it upon themselves to be jacks of all trades (a true omnnibus).   Lastly for those special humans who through their actions create, for lack of a better word, magic.  
I would also like to throw in here, though I'm sure it will be considered at a later venue after whether the peerage should exist at all, that the symbol for this onmibus peerage be either an Alicorn or a Manticore.   An animal that is a magical amalgamation.
Thank you for your time,
Markus Olfson
(Sca) Baron Bazyli Boleslaw z Krakowa
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