[sca-comments] Commentary for Peerage Proposal

Jason Foil deltoren83 at gmail.com
Mon May 10 14:18:05 CDT 2021

Good day member of the board of directors,

I am Kikuchi Kazumitsu or otherwise known as Babyninja.

First off I would like to thank you all for the hard work you have put in
during the pandemic.

This letter comes to you regarding your request for commentary on  the new
peerage proposal. I do not think that a new peerage that is a catch all for
other activities is the best way to go. I feel it is somewhat like putting
a wooden board over a crack in the foundation and hoping it is covered for
life. If the goal is change and inclusivity, this change is something that
will require a massive overhaul of our current system in my opinion.

The current proposal leads to more problems than it helps solve. One of
which is that it pits lower populated kingdoms against larger ones. The
idea that there needs to be a consensus of 18 kingdoms will impact the
population heavily in small areas who may not be able to produce enough
‘viable candidates’ for an order to move forward.

Listening to all kinds of ideas and opinions  while I ran the Between 2
Peers talk show, I learned a lot about the society and realized it could be
better suited as every peerage being a form of ‘knighthood’. It would be
similar to that of a blackbelt. In some respects I have been told that a
blackbelt and knighthood are similar in that they are masters of the basics
of a style...however blackbelt is universally regarded as a rank regardless
of style.

This concept could be said for peerage. It would make everyone within the
peerage groups come closer to equality in rankingl. This also allows for
the peerage groups to adapt over time and allows the society to address the
ever changing needs of this amazing and diverse group.

As the SCA strives  to be more inclusive and equal, I feel that the best
route would be to follow the example of some other reenactment games and
make everyone a Knight of "x thing". I am unsure of how to organize things
but I feel it would make everyone on the same footing. Especially
considering PLQ's are regarded as universal. This would allow a crown to
ask every peer if someone has the PLQ's and then ask the experts in the
field of the candidate if they meet those standards.

Yours in service,

Lord Kikuchi Kazumitsu, Called "Babyninja" , Companion of the Argent
Shield, Defender of the West, Companion of the Pilgrims Order
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