[sca-comments] The Omnibus Peerage

Sarah Cochran sarahcochran92 at gmail.com
Sat May 8 00:03:46 CDT 2021

Unto the esteemed members of the Board of Directors do I, Meisterin Sarah
von Feuerbach, send greetings.

I write today to express my misgivings about the proposed omnibus Peerage.
While it is my desire to provide a positive voice to the proposal, I cannot
lend my support due to the fact that there are already two clear roads to
Peerage for all communities of the Society.  Frankly, the Orders of the
Laurel and Pelican already effectively render the proposed new Peerage

The level of service given to these communities would have to be equal to
or greater than the service expected of the Pelicans of our Society.  How
does service to these communities differ from service that’s already
covered by the Order of the Pelican?  The Order of the Laurel also covers
the level of research and prowess into the activity that would be Peerage

Ultimately, this new Order would serve as a shortcut to Peerage while
exacerbating the current misconceptions of overly exclusive Orders.
Instead of creating a whole new order to appease a loud minority, let’s
rather work towards fixing the reputations of our current Orders. I worry
that this proposal would only cause harm and more schisms between the
various SCA communities.

Yours in Service,

Meisterin Sarah von Feuerbach, OL


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