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Rene Shepard reneshepard at gmail.com
Fri May 7 10:35:33 CDT 2021


My name is Rene Shepard, Society, I am Rwsa Georgette, Kingdom of
Ansteorra, Principality of Vindheim, Barony of Northkeep

Let me open by saying I have the utmost respect for the job you are doing.

And I need your help.

I know that many have complained about not being able to wear a cloth mask.

When I was pregnant with my son, I developed pulmonary emboli, I had blood
clots that broke apart and became strokes to my lungs. I do not have the
bottom thirds of either of my lungs. It causes me to be short of breath,
and I suffer apoxia to the extent that when I wore a mask to shop for
groceries I was to the point of passing out at the checkout, trying to put
my things on the counter.

I really really physically cannot wear a cloth mask with out serious

I was using a face shield until recently, when the cloth mask mandate came

But Oklahoma doesn't even have mask mandates anymore and the only place I
am being forced to leave off are my SCA activities.

I can provide you with my medical stuff, for verification of my particular
disability, its been adjudicated, but I understood that my personal health
information was protected under HIPAA. I dont mind, if that's what it takes
to help you understand my particular situation.

As it is, I cannot participate in any SCA activities because of my
particular disability due to the mask mandate and the way it is

Will you help me?

Rwsa Georgette
Barony of Northkeep
(918) 851-4822
reneshepard at gmail.com
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