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I wanted to follow up on the announcement that prohibits kingdoms, regions,
and local groups from mandating that event attendees be vaccinated against
COVID-19 unless required by applicable law

The Board, President, and Society Seneschal are agreed that Kingdoms, and
all groups below Kingdom status, shall only be permitted to request proof
of vaccination, a negative COVID test, or temperature checks where required
by federal, provincial, state, or local laws. No variances will be granted
that do not comply with this interpretation.

This, frankly, is going to get people killed.

Similar fandom-related organizations have chosen to follow federal
agency guidelines stating that a vaccine mandate does not violate the
Americans with Disabilities Act for places of public accommodation or
constitute employment discrimination under the Civil Rigts Act of 1974.
Here are some examples:

Combatcon 2021 <https://www.combatcon.com/covid-faqs-2021/>:

*I already had COVID, do I still need a vaccine to attend the convention?*

Yes, while you may have antibodies, researchers do not yet know how long
one is protect from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19. Even
if you have already had the virus, it is possible to become infected again.
According to the CDC, one can be vaccinated against COVID as soon as they
have recovered from their illness and met criteria for discontinuing
isolation. If you were treated for COVID-19 with monoclonal antibodies or
convalescent plasma, you should wait 90 days before getting a COVID-19
vaccine. (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/faq.html)

*I am exempt from the vaccine due to medical, religious, or moral reasons.
What are my options for attending CombatCon?*

We understand that not everyone will be able to, or wants to, get the
vaccine. The choice to vaccinate is a deeply personal decision that each
individual must make for themselves. Understanding this, CombatCon will
continue to host a virtual event to allow those with medical or personal
exemptions to participate from the safety of their own home. While we
understand that this may not be ideal, the safety of our CombatCon family
is the primary concern.

`Denfur 2021

Any staff and attendees will be required to be vaccinated and provide proof
of vaccination.We are working with local, state and federal requirements on
what will be necessary to prove that vaccination has been completed.

These organizations have, just like the SCA, never required vaccinations
for other communicable diseases. However they recognize that COVID-19 is a
different situation. The country has not experienced an infectious disease
outbreak of this nature in decades. To the contrary, organizations have
appropriately issued vaccine mandates nationwide whenever uniquely
dangerous circumstances warrant. For example, polio vaccine mandates have
been in place for decades

Additionally, this policy interferes with the ability of groups to contract
with venues that may require guests to present proof of vaccination for
entry where permitted, but not mandated, by law. So not only are you going
to get people killed, you are also interfering with groups' ability to
reopen practices and have events.

The appropriate response to this crisis should be:

   - By default, SCA, Inc. follows federal guidelines that allow
   organizations to mandate vaccines for guests and staff.
   - Where applicable law *prohibits* vaccine mandates, groups should
   follow local requirements and guidelines.

Simple, compliant with all guidelines, and erring on the side of safety.
Not... whatever this is.

Jim Lai
Kai Tseng, OD
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