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Wesley Adams bwa22 at yahoo.com
Sat May 1 19:49:27 CDT 2021

Greetings unto the Peerage Committee members,
I have read the proposal, published on April 22, 2021, and I must say I have a number of issues with it. First and foremost, I have said in the past, I say now, and I will say forever, that prowess in any arts martial, regardless of weapons system, should feed into the Order of the Chivalry (OC). Precedent had already been set by having the co-equal branches of the Knighthood and Mastery at Arms within the OC. Establishing the Order of Defense (OD) as a separate Patent of Arms, rather than a new branch of the OC was a mistake, one compounded by the fact that the OD was a rapier only peerage, rather than one that covered all activities under the Society Earl Marshal, other than rattan combat. 

Realizing that it is very unlikely that either the OC or OD will be amended to include all the remaining arts martial, I have supported an omnibus arts martial peerage, along the lines of the Order of the Valiance proposal, to capture all the arts marital not covered by the OC or OD.  The Order of <Name>  proposal honestly feels like a "junk drawer" peerage, one that mixes prowess-based arts martial activities with non-martial activities. Worse yet, while archery and equestrian have been cited as examples of martial activities that could be covered by O<N>, no examples have been presented on non-martial activities that don't fall under the Laurel or Pelican. In the absence of any concrete examples, I can't support combining arts martial and non-martial activities into one peerage.

Part 2 of the O<N> proposal is extremely convoluted and problematical. Why should potentially every arts marital have its own peerage, if they are able to complete the steps in Part 2? It O<N> is going to have the ability to create spin-off peerages, should not the Order of the Laurel have the same ability. By SCA 75, between the splintering of the Laurel and the O<N>, there could be a dozen or more PoA peerages.
The bestowed patent of arms peerages should mirror the Three Great Estates, those who serve (Pelican), those who fight (Chivalry), and those who work (Laurel).  Given the BoD's decision to establish the OD as it did, one last arts martial peerage is acceptable. Without any examples provided, I cannot evaluate the idea of a new peerage for non-martial activities not covered already covered by the existing peerages.

In Service to Society, Crown, and Barony,

Arnbjorn Karlsson
Wesley Adams 
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