[sca-comments] DEI Website - Bullying Policy and Grievance Procedure

Else Hunrvogt else.hunrvogt at westkingdom.org
Wed Mar 31 17:58:01 CDT 2021

Mr. Fulton and the Members of the Board:

Many times over the past couple of decades, I have been approached by a
populace member having a problem with another populace member.  I have had
this experience as an officer, a Royal, and a Peer.  I was thrilled when
the SCA developed and promoted its Bullying Policy to give us an additional
tool to address actions that rise above grievance.

Thankfully, I still find that most of what is brought to me is the nature
of grievance rather than bullying, but now I can share both paths with the
injured party and let them decide what course to take with the knowledge
that I will support them in pursuing their path.  I find that when folks
have access to both paths and council on how to pursue them, they do so
with wisdom and moderation.

This week, I sent the information off yet again.  The Bullying Policy was
easy to find on the DEI website.  The Grievance procedure is still buried
on page 37 of Corpora.  I asked Ms Van Hattem about the difficulty in
finding the later.  She let me know she is working on a plan to bring all
the information together into a Code of Conduct or otherwise suitably named

I wanted to write this day to support making our Corporate Policies readily
accessible to all.  I believe this course will not only allow victims to
redress greater issues, but to support officers, Royalty and other SCA
leaders by allowing the populace to address interpersonal disputes at the
smallest level possible.

Thank you for your time and continued service,

Dr. Nancy Reimers/Landgrafin Else Hunrvogt, OP
Contingency Deputy Seneschal - Kingdom of the West
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