[sca-comments] Large events and COVID-19 protocols

Jenn Gordon teinenishea at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 31 11:15:21 CDT 2021

I am a 29 year member of the SCA and a long-time veteran of Pennsic and I am looking forward to returning home to Pennsic this summer if all goes well.
I am writing today, as I am guessing many others have done as well, to request that you consider requiring vaccinations or a negative COVID-19 test for entry into Pennsic, as well as other large events this year, (assuming that the state allows for larger events to even happen).  I know many people that would love to attend War, but even vaccinated, they have concerns, especially if they have children (given that there is no vaccination yet for those under 16). 

Other facilities, such as Madison Square Gardens, have implemented testing or requirement of vaccination for entry to events, and other venues are opting for similar protocols.  ( https://www.msg.com/reopening-faq )  This fall Ticketmaster announced that they would have tools available for venues that would like to impose attendance requirements as well.  Other facilities are starting to follow suit for the safety of their customers.  Some airlines, as well as tourist destinations such as the state of Hawaii, started requiring negative COVID-19 tests as well beginning late last summer.  

While children would need to be exempt from this due to lack of vaccinations for minors, general requirements for the rest of the attendees would help alleviate concerns and prevent outbreaks.  Those with medical or religious reasons for not being able to vaccinate, could provide the negative test, alleviating ADA concerns or issues with discrimination.

I hope the members of the Board and other Society officials continue to stay safe and I am very much looking forward to events resuming at some point.  As always, thank you for the hard work that you are doing (especially in these trying times)!
Jenn Álfrún ketta, OL, Æthelmearc

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