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Mike Williamson mzmadmike at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 06:08:56 CDT 2021

I've been a member since 1991.

It's easy to explain.  No events = no reason to have a membership.

In October, I was merchant at the www.indy1500.com gun and knife show.
40,000+ attendees. ZERO deaths or hospitalizations.

We had one again in February. Once again, ZERO deaths or hospitalizations.

The next is in two weeks.  Then in June, space permitting at the
fairgrounds, and August.

I've run three small SF conventions, indoors, small conference space,
attendance over 100. ZERO illnesses of any kind.

I've attended dozens of weekly cruises at the local cruising strip, with
1000+ people present. Yet again, ZERO reported issues.

I take my kids to the local playgrounds every day the weather permits.
We've been to zoos, caves, waterfalls, in five states.  Nothing.

You might recall the predictions that the Sturgis bike rally was going to
be the mythical "superspreader" event.  SIX people took sick.  The server
in question went off duty as soon as she realized she was ill.  400,000

COVID is brutal on elderly in nursing homes.  Below age 65 it's a cold.

Outside in UV, it's effectively nothing.

You can readily check the numbers on the CDC website. The mortality dropped
below epidemic levels in JUNE of last year.

When you're ready to stop freaking out and panicking, I and many others
will be ready to give you money again.

But there's really no point in belonging to an organization that doesn't
hold events, is there?

And please don't lecture me on any news articles.  I did HAZMAT control in
the military, involving real threats and real PPE, and my wife's first
degree IS epidemiology.

The rational world is moving forward.  Panicky politicians and
attention-seeking media are trying to maintain a culture of fear.

The SCA may become history itself if it can't figure out where the future

If so, eh.

As for the shrieking violets on FB and Twitter, no one cares what they
think, and neither should you.




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