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Rachel Somers rachel.somers at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 28 22:35:33 CDT 2021

I am writing to express my concerns about recent complaints that have not been acted on by the BoD. Specifically I want to address the issue of people who have been convicted in mundane court of felony sex crimes.

I know that our Society prides itself on being more tolerant than mainstream US/Canadian society and that is good most of the time; however, when we choose to tolerate violent criminals we place our populace at risk for no good reason. Why would we knowingly put our community at risk? I am a big proponent of restorative justice but when it comes to violent/sexual crimes, we should not knowingly put our populace at risk. As a specific case, I know that Christopher Ray Ivins was reported to you over a year ago as a person with an extensive history of sex crime convictions, yet you have chosen not to act on the complaints while also silencing the people who expressed their concern; to what purpose? He has been *convicted* of a felony sex crime (search here  OREGON JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT - Online Records Search

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). He should be removed immediately for the safety and mental well-being of our people. 

I understand that the BoD is concerned about lawsuits so I would just like to remind you that the one lawsuit we lost in the last 10 years was because we *didn't* remove a sex predator. How do you think this Ivins story will look when it spreads outside An Tir? How will it look if mainstream media gets wind of this story??? We already had the pedophile Duke, a murderer king, Swastikas on royalty.... The SCA CANNOT withstand more bad press. Please understand that getting rid of convicted sex offenders is in the best interests both of our populace and the organization at large.

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