[sca-comments] Society-wide event ban - schedule for your decision?

East Kingdom Seneschal seneschal at eastkingdom.org
Tue Mar 9 21:19:16 CST 2021

Good evening, Board Directors,

On behalf of the East Kingdom, I write to urge you to give the Kingdom
Crowns and Seneschals a schedule for your decision to either lift or extend
the Society's ban on in-person events. I am sure that you are keeping a
close eye on the infection and vaccination rates and do not wish to act too
hastily. Yet, by not giving us any guidance about when you WILL decide, we
are in an increasingly difficult position regarding Pennsic.

The East needs to hold a Crown Tournament, which we intend to do via a
series of feeder tournaments in June to select the finalists for Crown
Tournament in July. I know that we can seek a variance if necessary, but
scheduling the Crown Tournament is difficult if we have no idea whether
Pennsic will happen, beginning at the end of July.

Because the Board's decision about the event ban will affect Pennsic,
various teams need to know as soon as possible whether they should be
preparing to go. The leader of one crucial team in the East has informed me
that she will need to find replacements for her entire staff of over a
dozen people if Pennsic goes ahead, since her staff refuses to go this
year. The team leader is herself a parent whose young children cannot yet
be vaccinated, so her even going to Pennsic is very much in doubt. She
needs as much time as possible to solve this staffing problem. Knowing when
the Board will make its decision is an important component of this planning
that cannot wait until May.

Thank you,
Medhbh inghean Uí Cheallaigh, OP
Seneschal, East Kingdom

Kellie Donovan-Condron
Regional VP of Operations, SCA, Inc.
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