[sca-comments] Concerns about BOD inaction

Rebecca Littlefield relittlefield at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 09:48:54 CST 2021

Dear SCA Board of Directors,

I am writing to you to let you know how disappointed I am in how you have
abandoned your responsibilities toward the Kingdoms of North America by
your failure to discuss or communicate whether or not you will be extending
the ban on activities past May 31, 2021.  You have removed the ability of
Kingdoms to make plans for themselves and you are also failing to
communicate what your plans are.

As Northshield Kingdom Seneschal, I can't work with the Crown or our Great
Officers to make plans for our kingdom’s future.  I can't offer guidance to
our groups who are asking questions about their summer events and what they
should do.  There are very real financial consequences to your failure to
communicate your plans.  Many of our groups are very small and operate on
razor thin margins when hosting events.  Losing a deposit because the Board
decides at the last minute to extend the ban on events would cripple many
of the groups in our kingdom.  This refusal to make a decision also affects
the morale of the people and groups. If they have their hopes and dreams
crushed again by a last minute shutdown it will be the final straw for some
of them and they will never be back. This will be felt at the board level
by loss of revenue and the effects will be felt by our kingdom for the next

At every opportunity when asked for our choice, Northshield has asked you
not to interfere and every time you took unwanted action anyway without
even considering the fact that our kingdom covers more than one country.
Now you are ignoring the responsibility to our members that you took on in
favor of focusing on inconsequential things instead of addressing the very
real needs of the members to plan their summers.

I urge you to focus on the important things like if we will reopen and how
that will happen.  These are the issues most important to our members right

Thank you,

Rebecca Littlefield

Northshield Kingdom Seneschal
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