[sca-comments] More Praise for the Diversity & Inclusion Office

Tullia Allori tullia at westkingdom.org
Thu Mar 4 10:37:23 CST 2021

Dear Honored Members of the Board,

It has been almost six months since last I wrote, and today I had a moment
to write again once more on the subject of the Society DEI office, and to
sing praises of its intrepid leader, Her Excellency Baroness Zahra.

Given the events of the last several days, she has been doing tireless work
trying to find an equitable solution to the issues surrounding the buffet.
This is a giant task for one woman, and her determination and dedication
has been truly inspiring to me -- honestly, sometimes it's awe-inspiring.
Her intelligence, compassion, and fortitude when dealing with all sides of
this increasingly fraught issue deserves praise from the highest levels. I
truly believe that she is doing good for the Society, as uncomfortable as
it may make us to confront the areas where we are lacking. Her Excellency
bids us all to do better, be better, and in her work for the SCA, I see a
better future coming together.

I have noticed a change for the better since her tenure began. I hope you
all have as well.

With hope in my heart for a better tomorrow,
Magnifica Tullia Allori da Ferrara, Companion of the Laurel, West Kingdom
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