[sca-comments] Request for Revision and Topic for addition to Agenda for next meeting.

Robin Wright robinjwright at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 13:35:15 CDT 2021


Dear Esteemed Corporate Officers and Inscrutably Sage Overlords:

Since the Federal Judiciary has decided, repeatedly, this year that public
and private businesses and institutions may, in fact, require workers and
students to be vaccinated, I humbly request that the SCA BOD decision also
revise a bit to reflect this fact and allow LOCAL Branches to decide to
require our participants to be vaccinated if their states allow it.

For example, in the State of Washington, where our local branch, Stromgard,
resides, it is okay to require and to ask for proof of same. If members
from other branches choose to visit our local events and practices, we
would assume they would abide by our State and Local laws. Including those
around vaccination status.

I strongly encourage you to re-examine your stance and allow Branch
Seneschals to provide proof of local law allowing organizations to
require/ask for vaccinated status, and be granted an exemption from the
overarching BOD decision that we cannot ask or require it

Although at Kingdom and Organization level, it would be impractical to
manage requiring vaccinations or asking for vaccination proof due to
conflicting State and International laws, at Local Branch level, it is
entirely doable, and would certainly help areas that are "bleeding
membership" like ours, where this simple allowance would make a HUGE
difference in participation amongst members who will otherwise NOT be
participating or renewing membership, due to concerns for the health risks
of their family without the mandate for vaccinated status.

Lady Helvi av Gotland
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