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Dan Watson dwatson at director.sca.org
Wed Jul 21 17:11:30 CDT 2021

Greetings Vivienne,

We have received your email, and I and the other board members have read it.  I appreciate your concerns, and share in them.  I also would like nothing better than to go out to events again and enjoy in-person all the activities and comradeship that comes with them.  Unfortunately, the safety of each of our participants necessarily took precedence over our need to hold in-person events, and so we felt forced to put in place a moratorium on those events during the COVID crises. There really was no other option, even though we clearly knew this would result in lost revenue through membership renewals and NMS fees that we collect when local events are organized and run.

Unfortunately, we still have costs that we must address on an ongoing basis, regardless of our income status: our insurance costs, corporate filing costs, audit fees, our office space, and the salaries and stipends of our corporate staff.  We have worked hard to reduce these costs to an absolute bare minimum during the COVID crises, but they cannot be completely curtailed without dissolving the corporation.

Happily, based on the reduced prevalence of the virus, we were able to lift the moratorium on in-person events beginning this past June 1 — and the various kingdoms are now beginning to refill their event calendars.  It is unclear how quickly that will happen, but we are doing everything we can at the corporate level to help and encourage this process.  I am sorry that you are not renewing your membership at this time, but I hope that you will reconsider as you discover new and returning events as they “come online” this summer and fall.

Sincerely, and in your service,


Dan Watson, Chairman
Board of Directors, SCA Inc.
dwatson at director.sca.org

> On Jul 21, 2021, at 10:45 AM, DOUGLAS V shay <douglasshay at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings Kind Sirs,
> I received my membership notice yesterday in the mail, because mine ends 08/31/2021. Why should I pay for membership when the SCA has cancelled all the events? EG: PENNSIC, St. Claires, F.F.F. and F are just a few of the events I go to. And because of your notification these are cancelled.
> Extend my membership to 2 years for the same price, when events should happen and I’ll gladly pay the fee. To pay it now when there are no local/or otherwise events does not seem fair on the populous!
> Thank you for your kind insight in this matter.
> In service,
> THL Vivienne of Yardley   (membership # 166678
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