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DOUGLAS V shay douglasshay at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 21 11:45:43 CDT 2021

Greetings Kind Sirs,

I received my membership notice yesterday in the mail, because mine ends 08/31/2021. Why should I pay for membership when the SCA has cancelled all the events? EG: PENNSIC, St. Claires, F.F.F. and F are just a few of the events I go to. And because of your notification these are cancelled.

Extend my membership to 2 years for the same price, when events should happen and I’ll gladly pay the fee. To pay it now when there are no local/or otherwise events does not seem fair on the populous!

Thank you for your kind insight in this matter.

In service,

THL Vivienne of Yardley   (membership # 166678

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