[sca-comments] Use of credit/debit card attached to kingdom checking accounts

Kingdom Exchequer exchequer at atenveldt.org
Wed Jul 14 14:47:09 CDT 2021

Greetings to All!

As a kingdom exchequer, I continue to encounter situations in which vendors
for event sites, insurance, supplies, etc. only take online
orders/reservations with a credit or debit card. More and more, writing
checks for these expenses is not a viable option and waiting for (and
hoping) a reimbursement check gets deposited in a timely manner by the
recipient causes turmoil while balancing our accounts. During our
plague-induced shut-down, I had more than one check take longer than 6
weeks to be delivered in the mail, and two that were destroyed and the
pieces returned, requiring me to account for, and then write replacement

I understand the sense of security that a double-signed check offers, but
it’s becoming an ancient practice in a modern, digital age and some vendors
are no longer accepting them at all.

As such, I am requesting that a discussion regarding allowing the kingdom
exchequer to have a debit/credit card for their kingdom checking account so
that he/she can efficiently pay bills in a timely manner. This will
decrease late payments that incur financial penalties, provide digital
paths to track payments, and eliminate the reduced security that comes from
losing checks “in the mail”.

If the kingdom exchequer can’t be trusted to secure and appropriately use a
credit/debit card, then I question if that’s the right person for the job. If
you would like to discuss this in more detail, I am at your disposal.


Liadan of Lochlainn (modernly, Melinda Lewis)
Chancellor of the Office of the Exchequer
Kingdom of Atenveldt
exchequer at atenveldt.org   (928) 853-1585
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