[sca-comments] On the subject of the temporary banishment of Mr. Davison/Jose Cabrera de Castilla

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Mon Jul 12 11:11:07 CDT 2021

To the Honorable Board of Directors for the Society of Creative Anachronism,

I am writing to you on the subject of the temporary banishment of Jose
Cabrera de Castilla, mundanely known as Ryan Davidson.

I am a personal friend of Mr. Davidson, and have known him for at least the
last fifteen years. I am writing to you in the hopes that this letter may
be taken as a testimony of character for him, especially concerning the
incident that I am of the understanding has led to his temporary banishment
and review.

Firstly I would like to clarify that I do not personally know the lady that
has levied this grievance against him. I do not know anything about her, so
I have no reason to believe that she would tell falsehoods, especially over
something this serious. I have heard through word of mouth that she is a
kind, generous, and thoughtful person, and I am unfortunately sure that her
person-hood was indeed grievously offended and emotionally injured due to
the incident.

That being said, I do not have doubts that the incident happened, however,
I am firmly of the belief that Mr. Davidson did NOT consent to the actions
and events of the incident anymore than the lady did.

If you have reviewed Mr. Davidson's case already, then you should be aware
that he has a diagnosed somatic disorder that affects his actions while
asleep. In summary, he is not aware of, nor consenting to, a variety of
touching or handling of other persons who are in the same sleeping space as
him while he is asleep. While he was only able to recently (within the last
year or two) confirm an official diagnosis, his condition has been a well
known fact for very nearly the entire time I've known him.

If you were to ask anyone who associated a significant amount with the Iron
Ring in the last ten to fifteen years, they would be able to tell you that
Mr. Davidson's lack of control over his hand's activities while sleeping
was a fact that his (now ex) wife, now known mundanely now as Ms. Bebe,
took great pleasure in bringing up and talking about at length in social
situations. This behavior was, in my personal opinion, irresponsible and
cruel of her, as it was done for her amusement and was quite humiliating to

However, I digress.

The point of this is that Mr. Davidson's condition has in fact been well
known, if not understood, by his friends and family for many years. It was
an open fact among the Iron Ring while I was a member, that should you
consent to sleep in the same space as him, you were thoroughly and firmly
warned beforehand of what might occur. It was also my understanding that
Mr. Davidson and Ms. Bebe were VERY careful over the years to make sure
these warnings were in place to anyone who might be affected.

Here is where my defense of Mr. Davidson truly begins. Mr. Davidson
confided in me that he had been under the impression for the last few years
that the symptoms of his condition had* ceased entirely*. Had he been aware
that the symptoms were still present, he would never have agreed to sharing
a sleeping space with the lady with whom the incident occurred out of fear
that this exact situation might occur.

I believe this whole heartily of Mr. Davidson. I have personally seen over
many years his persistence in extending all possible forms of courtesy and
kindness to everyone around him. He is, to me, a shining example of a man
who has no issue being humble, admitting mistakes, and seeking to learn and
grow from them in the most positive ways possible.

Additionally, if the symptoms had indeed NOT ceased, then I am completely
at a loss as to why it might have been that Ms. Bebe did not inform the
lady about the hazard of these symptoms when she invited the lady to share
their sleeping space while visiting. I do not know if this may have been
simple neglect, or something more malignant, but that is an issue of
concern that the lady must take up with Ms. Bebe.

All this being said, I hope you see that the circumstances in which the
incident occurred are more complicated than it may seem at initial glance.
I do believe that the lady who was hurt is absolutely entitled to closure,
to proper apology, and to some form of reparations by those who hurt her.

While I know that Mr. Davidson has wished the opportunity to give the lady
a proper explanation and apology for the incident, I know she currently has
a no-contact wish against him, and he has no intentions of breaking that

In that same vein, I am of the opinion that it is NOT Mr. Davidson who
should be the subject of these reparations towards her.

I am of the firm belief that BOTH Mr. Davidson and the lady were failed by
Ms. Bebe and her associates, who were supposedly friends and family to them
both. The steps and precautions that had previously been in place to
prevent this exact scenario from happening had, for some reason, been

In fact it is also in my understanding that since Mr. Davidson's condition
is a somatic disorder, and he has no memory of any incidents that occur
while he is asleep, it was not until *many *months later that the incident
was even brought to his attention by Ms. Bebe and her associates.

How was he to have explained, apologized to, and done right by the lady in
question, when it is clear that the opportunity was withheld from them both?

With all this in mind, I formally and firmly request that Mr. Davidson NOT
be punished for this unfortunate incident. Especially in the manner of
expulsion or permanent banishment from the SCA!

Mr. Davidson has worked hard to make the SCA a better place. He was an
extremely hard working Baron for the Barony of Dragonsmist, and was
determined to make The Dream possible for as many people as he could! He
was always focused on serving the Barony, the SCA, and the People, and
never viewed himself as anything but a servant of the people!

He is absolutely NOT a predator, and he is absolutely NOT a threat to
anyone. Mr. Davidson is a kind soul who was so deeply horrified that
someone had been hurt because of him, that he immediately placed himself
into therapy and counseling to diagnose and hopefully find treatments for
his condition. He is determined that no one should ever be offended or hurt
by him in this unfortunate manner ever again.

 Mr. Davidson does NOT know that I have written this letter in his defense,
and he did not request that I do so. I have taken it entirely upon myself
to write this, as I cannot abide by injustices being allowed.

I hope that my words have reached you in time for your consideration of his
case, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing me out.

Most Sincerely,

Lilah Oxana Runne, aka: Lilah the Clanless (mundanely known as Amanda Hess)

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