[sca-comments] Membership Numbers and being a Kingdom

Eirik of Two Ravens eiriktworavens at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 22:08:35 CDT 2021

Dear Board of Directors of the SCA, I hope you are well.

I have concerns as we are being to look of having In person event in 
Avacal, I realize that some Kingdoms have been having events for longer 
than our kingdom but that doesn't really affect my concern. I really 
think the BOD should have a moratorium on removing Kingdoms status based 
on Membership for at least a year, end of 2022 would be more ideal. Most 
kingdoms saw recruitment go to near zero and some time to recover hold 
events and do demos without sweating the numbers monthly. The events of 
Covid are unprecedented in the history of the Society and warrant this 
action. I hope that the BOD will at least discuss the matter as it is 
important Society wide.

**Eirik of Two Ravens**
/Sable Minotaur Pursuivant - Herald Officer of The Barony of Montengarde/
Loyal Person of the Barony of Montengarde
Loyal Person of the Kingdom of Avacal
Motto: Do All The Things
[mundanely known as Richard Steele]

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