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Nerissa Hymers nerissah at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 10:21:17 CDT 2021

Good Day,

It's come to my attention that the BoD has declared a restriction on
allowing an event to have an official visual representation of peoples
level of comfort with contact in the wake of COVID and reopening. The event
steward for our first in person Kingdom Event in Avacal had suggested and
planned for a system of coloured bracelets which would indicate peoples
comfort levels with contact. These bracelets would have allowed people,
with a quick look, to identify someone who is feeling overwhelmed with
contact and indicate they need space, without actually being in their space.

I see no way that three bracelets worn as an accepted indicator of personal
space - which would be voluntary - is divisive or labelling. Our Kingdom
Seneschal declared that this indication system is against the BoD's
decision on identifying vaccinated participants. While I recognize the
original intent was to have a 4th voluntary bracelet for those who wished
to have their vaccination status known, and this is against the BoD ruling,
I am curious why the consent indicators would also be prohibited.

This consent indication system gave me comfort in returning to in person
SCA activities. While I am not neurodiverse and have no health challenges
that would influence my participation in public events, it has been 18
months since I have been in a large gathering. Knowing who is comfortable
with contact, and knowing I can expect respect for my level of contact
comfort quickly and easily was a huge factor for my returning to eventing.
If the BoD did make a decision that allowing visible accepted forms of
contact consent indicators to be forbidden as officially part of an event,
I would appreciate hearing the logic behind that decision.

 I look forward to hearing back from you

Thank You,
Adelheid Holtzhauer - OL - Avacal
mka Nerissa Hymers
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