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Terri Bauer terrina.bauer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 09:39:31 CDT 2021

Greetings Board of Directors,

Recently it was proposed that a wrist band system be implemented for an
upcoming event in Avacal. The proposed system used red, green and yellow
wrist bands to allow people to signal how comfortable they are with social
interaction. In addition there was a white band that people could wear
optionally to indicate their vaccination status. Not surprisingly, the BOD
has stated that this is not allowed.

I understand why the white wrist bands are not allowed. I agree that we
should not ask anyone to divulge private medical information and I think
the white wrist bands would make people feel pressured to do so. They
should not be allowed at the event.

However that being said, I would like you to reconsider the use of the
red/yellow/green wrist bands. The point of these bands is to allow people
to easily display and communicate their level of comfort when it comes to
close contact. Wearing these wristbands does not disclose any sort of
private medical information in any way. These wrist bands instead help
foster consent and communication by offering a sort of visual consent
shorthand. Even without a pandemic, this sort of visible code would
actually be beneficial to a large number of people who may have social

As we are slowly reopening in Avacal, many people have a lot of anxieties
about returning to events. To me it feels like you just removed a tool that
would help people feel more at ease as they start to return to the SCA. I
hope you reconsider your stance on this.

Thank you,

HL Eira Halladottir/ mka Terri Bauer
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