[sca-comments] Avacal Tri-Baronial Cup

Hagalaz hagalaz1978 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 15:28:30 CDT 2021

I previously sent an email concerning the event stewards of the
Tri-Baronial Cup & their plans on handing out white wrist bands to show who
was double vaccinated & who wasn't, and expressing my concern about the
"othering" that this would cause. I don't know if it was you who contacted
them to tell them that this wasn't permitted, because they just announced
that the idea had been scrapped. Now, there is a member, a laurel, who
plans on buying a bunch of white bracelets & distributing them at gate, to
those who can prove vaccination status. She seems to think that if she does
it, it's allowed. There are already many people talking about not attending
the event because of it, some of them have said that this kind of thing is
what is making them not want to renew their memberships. If this is allowed
to to go forward it will only make people who want to make their own rules
more bold. The entire thread is on the Avacal Facebook page.
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