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Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

To the President and Seneschal of the Society for Creative Anachronism, the
Members of the Board, and the Ombudsmen for AnTir and the Society Senechal
& President

Once again, and for the fifth time, I am requesting the full assembly of
information (redacted if necessary) regarding the charges made against me
on or abouts September 21, 2020 by Seamus MacDonald of Skye (known in the
modern world as James Allan), from the associated investigation done
by Mistress Attia Prima, OP (Amanda Grayson), and the reasonings for the
resultant decision to levy a punishment of Sanction in the form of a
Temporary Removal from Participation by the Kingdom of AnTir, and the
reasonings for which it was upheld by the SCA Board of Directors.

The information I have received to this point is that I was accused of
bullying and harassment because I reported the fact (and it is a very real
and provable fact, which he does not deny - or at least did not in the last
piece of information I viewed from Mistress Attia as I attempted to gain
information from her during the initial process as to the substance of the
accusation against me) that James Allan, aka Seamus MacDonald of Skye, has
a Canadian Police record for crimes involving child pornography, which,
upon learning of it, caused me both concern and anger at his being
permitted to hold not one but two positions within his home Barony - my own
former home - which allowed him direct access to children and other
vulnerable populations.  It is my understanding that his major claim as to
why my reporting this to the Seneschalate was tatamount to bullying appears
to have been "because I knew about these charges" (and I will note that
according to court documents and the RCMP workers to whom I spoke in order
to ensure I was not speaking out of turn he was initially charged with
possesion of child pornography and plead down to a lesser offence), which I
firmly state I did not, and can, in fact, provide a witness to this fact,
as they were the individual who brought this matter to my attention
immediately prior to my looking into the matter myself and then notifying
the Seneschalate.

Furthermore, as the SCA Bullying and Harassment policy stands thusly -

"Bullying is systematic and unwelcome behavior which involves the use of
influence, threat, intimidation, or coercion to cause hurt or harm to
another person or group of people. When the bullying behavior is based on a
protected class, that behavior is defined as harassment. Protected classes
include race, sex, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation,
age, or disability,"

I fail to see how Mr Allan, even if he were completely without record, can
justifiably be said to have been subject to "the use of influence, threat,
intimidation, or coercion to cause hurt or harm" by myself, nor is he a
member of any protected class.  If reporting the discovery of an individual
with a known record of crimes involving child pornography - no matter the
age of the record (which, yes, since this has all begun I believe his ten
years have lapsed and his record should probably be clean in a check - not
to mention the my RCMP contact has said that he has since "kept his nose
clean" in that regard, as far as they can tell) is an offence and cause for
sanction within the SCA, then the SCA needs to do some intense
self-evaluation and overhauling of its values.  Continuing in relation to
this, it is my understanding that at some point Seamus stated that this was
not merely about my apparent harassment of him, but also of his wife, Anne
Greystoke (Lauren Allan).  I'm afraid this is an unfortunate matter of "I
did my job, and they didn't like it".  Due to the fact that, when I lived
in Victoria, I worked and was training/studying in Education and
Counselling, I was obliged - above and beyond the requirements that all
Canadian Citizens are bound by - to exercise duty of care.  Anne made
statements which made me fearful for the safety of their home environment,
and after I spoke with someone who I believed at the time to be a mutual
friend, they informed me that in the time between those statements and the
time in which we were speaking that things had gotten exponentially worse
(I had been out of town, and therefore had to trust this assessment).  I
spoke with Seamus about the matter and my fears, however the result
appeared to fall into what Anne had previously described to me as her own
usual manipulations of him and his inquiries (it must be noted that, at the
time, we were spent a lot of time together, and were arguably
quite close).  I consulted in hypotheticals with advisors on the matter
and, in the end, was left with the requirement to make a report of concern
to a government agency.  I can provide a witness as to Anne's statements
and actions which caused the initial concern.  I was, quite literally,
doing my job and also following Canadian Law.  I'm fairly certain that
cannot be considered bullying.  Not by an Indigenous woman on a White
woman, and certainly not in the service of the protection of minors.  After
matters related to this escalated, I was required to gain, first by oral
agreement during mediation and then in writing via summation, an agreement
that, unless it directly interfered with our duties in the SCA (in which
case, the matter would be discussed via intermediary prior to
temporary alteration), Seamus would maintain his distance from me, as I
feared for my safety at his hands.

I was never able to provide much of this information to the "Investigator"
because she refused to interview me, and, in the end, only provided me with
a list of questions I was to answer and did not follow up in any way,
despite us having initially arranged a date and time to do a Zoom
interview, which my advocate and I both promptly attended and were informed
at that time would not go through.  This is all further to the fact that I
already had a long-since filed Bullying and Harassment complaint which
named, among others, Seamus MacDonald and Anne Greystoke.  The initial
investigator for that complaint was Mistress Attia, however after it came
to my attention via multiple other parties that her investigations often
appeared rather biased, I requested a new investigator.  Much to my
surprise, it was only a very brief amount of time later that this same
individual, who I had just indicated I was not at all comfortable having
investigate my case, was suddenly investigating a case involving me.  I
cannot help but think this was incredibly inappropriate, and pointed this
out , as well as other factors of seeming inappropriateness regarding her
involvement, on multiple occasions to the Kingdom Seneschal, however she
refused to place a new investigator on the case.  As to my own case, my new
investigator simply ceased responding to emails.  And the reason my own
complaint was held up for as long as it was - which I understand is a
question for some - is that I was mislead by Mistress Lindis and His
Majesty Christian as they both directly stated to me that I was not able to
have SCA investigations happening while any elements of or related to those
cases were part of official ongoing police investigations, which this was
and is (as it relates to my sexual assault by HL Edward and HL Lucy
Holgrove, known modernly as Ted Godwin and Jacquelyn Smith).  For the sake
of complete disclosure on this matter, I filed two connected complaints:
the first specific to bullying and harrasment, which named quite a few
individuals, and the second, specific to my sexual assault at the hands of,
and the sexual misconduct of Edward and Lucy Holgrove (then Baron &
Baroness of Seagirt).

So this is where we stand, from my perspective: I appear to have been
sanctioned for a) following the rules and the law, b) reporting potential
harms to children, c) being bullied, harassed, sexually assaulted, and
sexually manipulated, and d) not being friends with the right people/not
towing the line
Because that's how this reads to me, and, despite my repeated requests for
it, you have yet to provide me with any type of evidence or investigative
results that this is not the case.

There are quite a few other matters that make this entire thing seem
incredibly convenient, suspicious, and just plain strange to me - things
like the timing (when a "suspension from holding office" that the Kingdom
Seneschal had placed upon me was just coming to an end, even though no one
could or would ever give me any actual reasoning as to why I was
"suspended" in the first place); the fact that Their Majesties had and have
been aware of major elements of the apparent issue from my point of view
for years (I even offered to step aside as a member of Their retinue during
Their last reign so as not to potentially be a point of contention etc if
the people who were bullying and harassing me in Seagirt attempted to make
a bigger issue of things or to do so at a Kingdom level - They both
informed me that They had absolutely no desire for me to do so, and I
received a Forget Me Knot from Her Majesty at the end of the reign.  His
Majesty was also one of my outcry witnesses with regards to my sexual
assault.); lastly, I had come to the point where I was finally really able
to speak openly about me sexual assault - it is my belief that a major
factor in putting forward this claim in the first place was an attempt to
discredit me before I could say anything to anyone official in the SCA or
to the police, as they were unaware that I had already done so.  This may
sound conspiratorial, but I knew these people, and called them family for
years before they decided I was the enemy and made my life such a living
hell that I had to move nine hours away to a place I hate just to feel safe

Thank You for your time,

Anya McVean
110-831 Serle Road
Kamloops, BC
V2B 0H3

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