[sca-comments] Armord Combat Insurance and MY CALL TO YOUR ORG - DISRESPECTFUL !

John Fulton president at sca.org
Fri Jul 2 11:41:43 CDT 2021

Greetings Will,

I assume you did not send us any detailed information about you or your company prior to the phone call.  I am sorry for any misunderstanding.

May I suggest in the future that you consider providing documentation about your sales call prior to the actual in person contact.

Our email is easily found on our website www.sca.org<http://www.sca.org>.  It does appear that you did have access to many of our email addresses.

That allows companies in which you offer services to receive important knowledge that can be verified before the cold call occurs.

This can be extremely helpful when dealing with questions regarding companies providing insurance.

It is regretful that this went poorly.

If you do have questions in the future about such an offer, please feel to free to contact me at president at sca.org.

In service,

John Fulton
President, Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

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Subject: [sca-comments] Armord Combat Insurance and MY CALL TO YOUR ORG - DISRESPECTFUL !


I JUST called your org to ask if you had any company that provides insurance for Armord Combat as the insurance industry just stopped covering that group and activity.

Why am I emailing you:
The woman I spoke to was RUDE VERY RUDE and told me she was not interested... Interested ??? In what? not being rude on the phone call.... CLEARLY! You might find people who actually like their job to work for you and consider FIRING that young lady!  I will NEVER call or refer to your ORG ... she is the reason!
Will Roberts
The Reenactors Group

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