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Hagalaz hagalaz1978 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 04:07:43 CDT 2021

I have heard that corporate has decided that vaccine passports are
something that will not be happening. I wholeheartedly agree with this
decision. Avacal is running it's first event at the end of August & the
autocrat has decided that double vaccinated people will be receiving white
wristbands, others will not. I see this as a backdoor vaccine passport, as
do others in my area. People here know that if they are not sporting one of
these wristbands, they will be attacked by those who are wearing them. What
I want to know is if those in charge of the SCA are okay with something
like this. Do you agree that this is a form of a backdoor vaccine passport?
Do you agree that this will effectively create two classes of people at an
event? Do you agree that this will cause tension, perhaps even hostility at
what is supposed to be an enjoyable event? The white wristbands are all on
a honor system, or so they claim, but I know that there will be people who
are only single dosed or are not able to have it because of medical or
religious reasons. These people will end up being ostracized by others, or
insulted as being "plague rats" by those who have been given license from
what is essentially a vaccine passport of a sort. This won't go over well &
will most likely result in people leaving the SCA, or at least not renewing
their memberships.

For the record, I am double dosed. I was given the mRNA Moderna vaccine. I
am sending this email because I am concerned about what will most likely
become a wedge issue that will result in people I like leaving the SCA.
Reply if you care to, if not I will take that as your answer.

Included is a screenshot from a Facebook post about the event; The
Tri-Baronial Cup.
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