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Why is this slide stated negatively when the others are stated positively?=============================Do you have food restrictions?36.2% have some food restriction
Do you use any assistive technologies/services to participate in SCA activities or events?65.5% report that they use no assistive technology
How do you describe your gender?2.6% identify as transgender
=================================Why not state the assistive technology as 34.5% report that they use assistive technology?
It's a seemingly small thing, but to those who feel ignored when non-accessible sites are chosen, or their needs are ignored, stating that "most people don't need anything" is just dismissing them.  In the next item you state that 2.6 identify as transgender, not 97.4% do not identify as transgender!
I've spent a lot of time in the SCA with a mother who often couldn't use the restroom at events due to stairs, or go to court, or even go into the site sometimes (which was awkward after a 4 hour drive). I have friends with disabilities who would love to participate more, but it's beyond awkward for them to get to an event to discover they can't participate, and the information is often not available in flyers. 34.5% is a HUGE number of SCA members who may need accessibility features at a site.
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