[sca-comments] Make the kingdom newsletters public and easily accessible!

Melanya Kushla mekushla01 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 15:34:13 CDT 2020

I would plead that we make the Kingdom Newsletter and The Triskele (The
Arts Publication of the Kingdom Trimaris) to be free and publicly/easily
available, perhaps by having it on the Kingdom Website and also the Kingdom
Facebook page. This will help the kingdom and populace in the following

1. Keep all information in one place, Officer letters, Local Barony, Shire
& Cantons contacts, Official Announcements and Event Information.
2. It will Assist and help ease the transitions of officers and also help
people know how to get into contact withe them.
3. This will give the people who work so hard on these required
publications a chance for everyone to appreciate their hard work.
4. THE More POSITIVE information we have out there the better, for
newcomers and everyone.

Most paid sca members would gladly read it if it wasn't so dang
inconvenient to access. Keeping it coveted is doing a disservice to both
our members and the individuals writing it. It sucks to pour your effort
into something that is minimally appreciated simply because there is a
roadblock getting it to your intended audience. As for it being a perk of
membership, I for one have never heard of anyone who is a member claim that
the newsletter access is WHY they became a member. Making the newsletters
public would not decrease the value proposition of an sca membership, it
would actually enhance it with increased accessibility abs maybe even
entice others to join since it publicly demonstrates structure and
organization, which increases trust.

Please consider my boon,
Lady Melanya Volodmyrova
Mka Melanya Souza
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