[sca-comments] The length of time it takes for resubmitted heroldery

Michelle Collins ellyndegrae at icloud.com
Tue Oct 20 20:55:23 CDT 2020

I would like to ask a question, it’s about heroldery. I submitted my first devise  and Name back in 2017 I was not informed till about 4 months after it had been rejected that it needed major fine tuning.I resubmit everything in 2018. My name and device the same day. My name was approved but some how the device was lost, is how I’m being told. You can’t pull up not even my first device being rejected. In cases like these should there be a format to have them pushed through? If not why make the person wait almost a year longer when they have waited over two already? And is there a way that the submitter could Tract the submission better? 
Thank you
Lady Ellyn O’Ronowe deGraye

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