[sca-comments] Ugliness on unofficial page

Seneschal of Ar n-Eilean-ne seneschal at eilean.eastkingdom.org
Mon Oct 19 13:24:09 CDT 2020

I saw a post on the unofficial SCA facebook page today, October 19th, 2020,
about a man who attacked a home invader with an axe. I was appalled to see
all the commenters gleeful about the bloodshed and violence, and I
commented that the SCA page, even the unofficial one, is not the place for
such ugliness. I reported the post, and sent a message to one admin. In
response I was attacked, and another admin, Christopher Ashmun, posted that
I had been "harassing" and "haranguing" the admins. I sent one single
message. And the few good gentles who spoke up against the unchivalrous
behaviour were also mocked and insulted. I quit the page, and posted in my
Shire group about what had happened, and recommended that they steer clear
of the page.
This is not what the public face of the SCA should be. I am trying to grow
my group, but the racists and the brutes are making it a hard sell. I am
completely disillusioned with the Society right now, and I hope that better
people than the current admins of that page step up and take charge. This
is not "The Dream" I signed up for.

Lady Elspeth Schmalczin von Meittingen, Seneschal of The Shire of Ar
(mka Tara Murphy)
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