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I am writing to you today full of energy and inspiration, having just watched the Topical Town Hall that broadcast on Facebook last night  (10/09/20).

During the presentation, it was mentioned that training is being planned, in regards to new and recently-revived  policies, to include policies on bullying, sexual harassment, and similar difficult topics.

I would like to volunteer to become a trainer, and if your trainer corps is full, then I would simply like to assist any way that I can.

It was mentioned in the chat section during last night's presentation that I should include my resume. Please let me offer the following:

For nearly three decades, I have worked to promote diversity, equity, and to encourage cultural sensitivity in the field of International Education.   I have taught ESL and have worked to help international visitors adjust (and survive!) American culture and the sometimes overwhelming experience of being inside the U.S.A.  My mundane life has centered around learning and multicultural understanding.

One of the most critical skills of my entire career has been the ability to communicate important information in a wide variety of ways, to accommodate a wide variety of learning styles and different language competency levels.  I have learned through years of experience that not everyone will get the point in the same way, but that the odds of getting the essential point across increase with a holistic and organized variety of approaches.  It would be my honor to bring these different communication tactics to the current SCA process.
I currently work as the federally-designated school official for international student compliance for a large urban university; a job that requires me to serve as the bridge of communication and understanding between our campus community and  the complex and sometimes punitive labyrinth of regulations from agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Internal Revenue Service, and the F.B.I.    I can deliver tough news, teach difficult rules, and present weighty policies to a big crowd, a small gathering, a clique of crusty curmudgeons, or to a herd of disinterested teens.  Each, I would like to mention, respond to a different method of communication.  

I have served on numerous committees to develop policy that is culturally sensitive, equitable, welcoming, and yet also compliant with legal standards.  I have had to convince distressed students that they have a solid and welcoming reason to stay and finish their degree, even when they faced violence, threats, and harassment.  I have had to follow through on my promises to make sure the campus made the improvements that were needed for that to happen. 
In short, I have been through the bureaucratic fire, and I offer my expertise and sincere interest in helping  The Society.  Please put me to work.

I will close with a short summary of my SCA life, in case your office was seeking a different kind of 'resume.' 

I trolled in to my first SCA event more than twenty years ago, an impoverished student taken by Duke Sir Kane, OP and Duchess Ilissa, OP to this little shindig in Pennsylvania in August that they thought I might like. They gave me my first garb, put me in a tent, and then directed me to Volunteer Point so that I could learn by doing.  Service has been with me from the beginning.  I have been honored to help by holding local jobs including group Chronicler and Historian, and in large war jobs, coordinating classes and activities for the Al Mahala at Gulf Wars.  There are a few other jobs, feasts, and bits here and there as well.  I proudly wear the belt showing my apprenticeship to  Edwina Dirks Sterne, OL, and I join my fellow local Baronial member known as Bearkiller in shouting "Go Rams!"    

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to ask.
Humbly, and In Service,
Zhara um Nikko
O.O.C, O.S.L., O.M.M.zhara8 at yahoo.com 
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