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Amber Gordon ascher21 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 09:17:27 CDT 2020

Dear BOD,

I wish I could say this letter is going to be full of raving approval but it isn’t. I really do not care about the feelings of people who either intentionally harm or traumatize other people because they can’t figure out how to not hate people or be aggressive to others. 

What bothers me most is that I could care less about titles and accolades and hierarchy and sca politics when people are still being jerks and no one is holding them accountable. I myself have encountered flat out threats from a Baroness so she could get her full refund as well as not have to pay return fees on a product she didn’t bother to read about. She simply used her power to intimidate and threaten till she got what she wanted. But that is minimal compared to the acts of aggression and hate speech I’m seeing from people and I’m tired of watching white, neurotypical, cis, non-minority people get the benefit of the doubt over and over. 

The job of the powerful is to protect the less powerful. When you prioritize the needs of the less privileged you benefit everyone. 

The SCA is seeming more and more like a high school clique and it honestly doesn’t deserve the caliber of people that diversity brings. You all need to do your job: which means not tolerating intolerance and if you can’t then the BOD needs to find members who do not have an issue with doing that. 

The SCA should be less concerned with those who are huffing away because people finally got brave enough to tell them to stop being hurtful bullies and more concerned with all the people, including myself, who aren’t going to participate or want to keep paying for membership because we honestly don’t feel confident there is real recourse for our friends and ourselves. 

I’m seriously disappointed. The whole world needs to do better and social justice is not easy, but you should be less scared of losing “the old sca” and toxic friends and more concerned about how that is harming people and preventing your org from being the best it can be. Hate hurts everyone, including you, whether you see it or not. 

Amber Gordon, Lavinia Rietti, just plain old common person, Atlantia 

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