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To whom it may concern,

I have decided to take it upon myself to speak up for a large group of
people who have concerns about how things are progressing within the SCA.
There seems to be a great deal of tension between those few who regard
themselves as Progressive and politically aware and the rest of the
participants in the Society who are also aware yet respectfully leave their
politics at the door.

It is my hope to impress upon you the fact that every day we have more and
more people being harassed and ostracized over their personal and public
posts on social media.  I have personally witnessed members of the populace
attack other members over their social media posts, and I don’t see this as
an appropriate, honorable, or a chivalric way for someone in the Society to
comport themselves, especially online where there is an implied level of
anonymity behind which the aggressor may hide.

For approximately 45 years, the Society flourished by giving all newcomers
the universal admonition to keep modern politics and religion out of the
game. More recently, and especially since Donald Trump took office, the
aforementioned group of players have grown more open and bold with their
abuse of other players with whom they do not agree.
Indeed, there seems to be little justice for members who get harassed and
subjected to ad hominem attacks when it comes to being a Republican, a
Trump supporter, a conservative, or a Christian.

I have always been under the impression that the SCA does not engage in
these aspects of the modern world and ostracizing players for their
personal beliefs or convictions in the modern world has strictly been
taboo. It is alarming to see that over the last few years, when this
subject has been brought to the attention of the governing body of our
Society, the answers we get feel like they are long on excuse and short on
results, they are placid at best. As a result, there is a large portion of
the Society who no longer feel safe or even welcome in the game and are
being pushed out by progressive players. These progressive players have
taken it upon themselves to be the SCA police with no repercussion to their
unfounded accusations or actions towards other members.

Lately, it seems as though the governing members of the Society are
condoning the actions taken by the extreme-left leaning members of our
Society. Peers are pressuring their students to either support BLM or risk
losing the support they need to gain the next level of achievement in the
Society, or worse still, losing their place within their SCA family.

I have seen with my own eyes Peers terminating their protégés and
apprentices for a difference of political opinion and stating that while
they respect that person they can no longer be associated with them because
they voiced their opinions on Facebook, of all places. This is appalling,
we have members of Royalty who are being held accountable for the actions
of these protagonists, and while some Royals may condone this action, their
are also some who feel at a total loss as to what they should do in these
perilous times. I myself have seen first hand what kind of derision the
populace can cause within itself when factions form. I, and many others
like me, feel that this is extremely inappropriate behavior which will
likely see the demise of our beloved game.

Facebook and other social media outlets like Reddit have opened up a free
for all platform within the members of the SCA to be as toxic as humanly
possible, with the remaining players trying to pick up the pieces and make
the SCA whole again. This is both due to the ready availability and the
relative anonymity it provides. This situation has reached a point where
some players have experienced Doxxing by other players. When these doxxed
players try to bring these accusing players to some kind of justice within
the Society, they are bullied, bashed, and belittled.

I would like to suggest that this no longer be an acceptable behavior and
that doxxing be a punishable offense.  There is now a stigma towards the
heavy fighting community with assumptions that they are somehow responsible
for a majority of the racism and white prejudice in our society which also
needs to be clearly addressed.

We have had landed Barons using their position to speak out about ridding
themselves of conservatives, and with that came the follow up of another
suggesting the theft of Knights chains to melt down into political movement

We have DEI officers encouraging the populace to get involved with
political movement groups and Black Mamas Bailout fund on official forums
which in itself isn’t wrong but these are issues that should be applied to
your personal life outside of the SCA not pressured to the populace through
the pulpits of Barons, Peers and Royals.

Activities such as what I have mentioned above, in my opinion, are
inappropriate for official gatherings and discussion topics of meeting
minutes.  These topics further the division that is currently taking hold
of our society. The SCA has always stood for   Chivalry, Honor, and
Integrity and yet somehow we’ve gone astray and now revere virtue signaling
and political activism.

The time has come to end this hunt against those of differencing opinions
and the only way I can see this happening is to start bringing punitive
actions against those people who engage in such activities. As such, I am
calling on you, the Board of Directors of the Society for Creative
Anachronism to reinforce our rules of engagement and help the general
populous regain peace and acceptance from the people who feel these
activities are unacceptable.  If no change occurs you will continue to see
membership decline and lower turn out at events. With a slow death to a
once beautiful society.

I thankfully submit these issues to your Board of Directors for

With regards and in service to the dream,

April Broadway - Countess Brithwynn Artur - Trimaris


Abbatissa McCavig -calontir
Lady Ansetrude Rhodebeortsdoghter-AnTir
Lady Melinda Jolisyeux
THL Bronwen O’Neill -Gleann Abhann
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Baronne Arianne de Châteaumichel.

***P.S.****** please see the signatures attached they were taken in
confidence and would like to remain so due to fear of retribution from
local group participants who differ in belief and opinion**************

No names are to be given to any kingdom officers. They must remain secure
and confidential with the SCA directors only.
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