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Linda Abrams lasprite at cox.net
Thu Oct 1 00:56:56 CDT 2020

Respectful Greetings to the Board of the SCA:  

I am writing in opposition to the proposed “modernization” of the Introduction that has appeared on p. 3 of the September 2020 Crown Prints.  I do so on two grounds:  one regarding certain specific wording, and one to the general tone of the proposed new Introduction.

This sentence, “The current Middle Ages are expressly welcoming to all people of any race, creed, ethnicity, gender identify, sexual preferences, and national origin” is worded more broadly than I think is in the interests of the SCA and its members. Specifically, being “expressly welcoming to all people of any…sexual preferences,” as written, would require us to welcome people whose sexual preference is toward small children, i.e. pedophiles, bestiality, &/or exhibitionism or other activities that I don’t think you really want to commit to welcoming.   I doubt that that is the Board’s intent, but it IS how the wording reads.  So I respectfully request that this wording be reconsidered.   If you really insist on proclaiming specific sexual policies (which I discourage in general, see below), then you might want to modify the wording to read “to all people of any…lawful sexual preferences.”  

My general objection to the tone of most of the proposed Introduction reproduced on said p. 3, is that, in its modern “virtue signaling” wording, it is injecting modern political jargon, such as “inclusiveness, pluralism and diversity."  This is superfluous:  our original SCA values of “Chivalry, Honor & Courtesy” already encompass every one of the virtuous attitudes and demeanors that you have listed in this modern version with great redundancy.   Tell me, please, wherein do you find “Chivalry, Honor & Courtesy” to be lacking???  

The use of modern political buzz-phrases like “inclusiveness, pluralism and diversity,” are also redundant on top of the already specified “deal fairly,” and “act...with fairness” and “promote a ... respectful environment.”  The additional redundancy, using modern political terms, is not only “virtue signaling.”  It implies that we do not find “Chivalry, Honor & Courtesy” to be sufficient.   Those three values and watchwords have successfully guided the SCA for more than 50 years.  They, and — if you really feel the need to specify more — using ordinary everyday language, such as “fairness" & “respect,” are more suitable to the Current Middle Ages, without injecting modern political buzz-words or jargon.

Respectfully submitted,

Baroness Aurelia of Ashton
(mka Linda T. Abrams, Esq., 
UCLA Law 1974)

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