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Queen of the East queen at eastkingdom.org
Fri Mar 13 18:31:58 CDT 2020

Many questions and concerns are rising with this new situation we find
ourselves in.
Populaces are looking to us and in turn we are looking towards you.
Some are worried about growning dockets as more events are canceled.  Some
are worried that this throws "timelines" off. Other are concerned about
being able to finish their dockets before turning things over to the heirs.
Everyone is seeking guidance. Even if that guidance is please wait. Be
patient!  People are so worried about timelines and falling in where they
usually do that it starts to add to personal panics.
I fall into the just wait category - we do not know what we are looking at
in 2 weeks or 4 weeks. I understand the drive to have plans in place but if
there is no plan... (which I do not have one or even an idea of one) maybe
you as our board could let people know that waiting is ok.
To keep the fires going, but let us find daylight and look where we are

I know that there is talk of video Coronations, I for one, am not thrilled
with this idea, but if that is what your wish is then I will comply. In my
case, stepping down soon, I hate the idea of the people who have worked so
hard not getting the recognition they deserve.  I also dislike that my last
court before step down has been lost and those worthy individuals will
either be pushed onto TRH docket or lost. Ok that is to much of "me" in
this note.

The real focus should be the SCA as a whole. Please send some guidance.
Thank you for your time,
Queen of the East
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