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Shannon Rawls shannon.rawls at icloud.com
Sat Dec 26 11:18:31 CST 2020

To the Board of Directors of the SCA:

I wanted to address you all regarding the ongoing concerns regarding Sir Kief av Kiersted.
Sir Kief has literally devoted his life to the SCA for over 30 years. He has given his time, heart, sweat and blood to help build this organization and has achieved more than most could ever dream of. He took a fledgling shire and built it into a barony. He achieved knighthood as an amputee. He served in numerous offices on local, kingdom, and society level. He is a named herald. He wrote the charter that created the Ansteorran order of the Centurians. He has worked tirelessly to teach, counsel, and guide members and newcomers for three decades. Has he made enemies through the years? Yes. In the service of his kingdom and crown, he has done so. It can, however, never be said that he has behaved in or acted in such a manner that his loyalty to his King or Kingdom could be questioned. 
And then... he screwed up in a most spectacular manner. He did so in a highly public and frankly stupid way. He made a grievous error, and he is paying for it in more ways than you can ever imagine. People whom he has loved and supported through the years have turned their backs on him. It seems that no matter how sincere or heartfelt his apology for his words are, it is not enough. There is blood in the water. The cancel culture is in control, and my question is, are you going to do what is right, or are you going to cater to the mob? The loudest voices who simply want to dictate the behavior of others? Are you going to erase all of the good that this man has done through his work and service over one mistake? If that is all it takes to have everything taken from you and destroy a life well lived in the society, then God help us all. What exactly is the “Dream” anyway? 

Lady Aine of Emerald Keep
mka Shannon Rawls

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