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Elena D'Artois elenadartois at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 13:27:59 CST 2020

To revisit my previous letter. The attached image is being displayed by a
Master of Defense on his SCA Facebook persona page.

While I support free speech, this kind of speech is encouraging Antifa,
which is a known violent organization, to commit violence on anyone and
everyone. It groups people who support a different political candidate with
a known hate group.

This is a leader in your eSCA. This has no place in our organization, and
by continuing to allow #blacklivesmatter to be on your website you are
supporting this same kind of ideology.

Yes. Black lives do matter. All lives matter. First responders, health care
workers, truckers, farmers, walmart employees,.... Everyone regardless of
race, gender, or creed.  But the good parts of the BLM concept have been
hijacked by people intent on division and it is now grouped together with
as bad a public opinion as antifa.

Political agendas need to be put aside in our hobby. It is our diversity
that makes us stronger, but combatting hate with hate just divides us

I am watching alternative groups forming that will take membership and
attendance away from the SCA. And many of the people doing that organizing
are 20+ years invested in "the dream". Walking away for them is not easy.
But your policies and the "inclusive" behaviours online of the "leaders"
are driving a wedge in your membership.

Bad actors can be addressed, but identity politics does not create
inclusion, it does the opposite. Punishing an entire group of people for
the behaviours of a few is not healthy. It is abusive.

I encourage you to look at your inclusion policies, stop looking for
problems where there were none, and encourage your membership and leaders
to do the same


On Sun, Aug 23, 2020, 7:20 PM Elena D'Artois <elenadartois at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Sir or Madam,
> The SCA official page for the DEI office displays a hashtag in support of
> Black Lives Matter which is a political organization.
> The political goals of BLM have nothing to do with medieval reenactment. I
> do not wish to be connected in any way to BLM.
> I will not be renewing my membership.
> It is disappointing that an organization that for decades represented
> inclusion and tolerance is now supporting an organization whose stated
> goals and daily activities are political and destructive to the very fabric
> of our nation.
> Stay out of politics and sjw agendas and you will retain membership. We
> are a historical reenactment group. Period.  As it is your organization has
> begun an internal witch hunt that will cause you to consume yourselves from
> the inside out. The latest attacks have begun on Templar personae being
> seen as anti-muslim and racists. Native american dress is seen as cultural
> appropriation. And Vikings are white supremecists. Cyberbullies are being
> celebrated as heroes and rewarded.
> Time to step back and look at  how these policies of "inclusion amd
> tolerance" are impacting your membership and the environment at events.
> Elena d'Artois
> Comtesse
> Rose
> Aethelmearc
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