[sca-comments] May 1 - The Virtual Known World

Fiametta da Trastevere fiamettatrastevere at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 10:52:43 CST 2020

Greetings all,
First I would like to say thank you for making the difficult decision to
suspend in person events for the Society with your revised announcement.
While it is disappointing that we cannot gather together in person, it is
best for the society to be an example of science based health decisions.

My name is Fiametta da Trastevere and I reside in the kingdom of Artemisia
and have had the pleasure these last month to serve as the Gryphon herald
and somehow... keeper of all things virtual events for my kingdom.

As we have lost so many events, wars and opportunities to gather as a
society I would propose that Saturday, May 1, the Society sponsor a
interkingdom virtual event. Grand court with as many sitting crowns as
possible, words from the BoD about the society at large, different society
level officers speaking on the activities still being held.  Each Crown in
attendance can speak to the months ahead, what events are scheduled, what
expectations and guidelines they have in place for any in person events.
Each willing kingdom could host classes, panels and activities during the
day, especially those specific to their area, so members may virtually
visit around the known world.

This is such a large undertaking, but there are so many volunteers in the
known world I believe this could be an amazing opportunity and would be
thrilled to assist in any way possible.

I remain in service,
HE Fiametta da Trastevere, OL, GoA:DotD
Membership #159463
MKA Jennie Fauss
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